Monday, September 27, 2010

Growing adult

I saw an interesting advertisement on New Straits Times today. Apparently, CIMB is looking for social media experts cum administrators for Facebook.

It look tempting at first but I'm still a tad too skeptical venturing into the unknown. I had several bad experiences maintaining and positioning brands on Fan Pages but I knew very well, deep down, that I love marketing on social media website.

The big question is - What am I waiting for? and am I missing out on a good opportunity? I can't help but to remind myself these few questions everyday because I set myself goal by age 30 to own a house and to have enough money to start a family.

Gosh.. I'm only 22, somebody, anyone, please remind me that I'm still young and subjected to learning and making mistake.

Gee.. hehe.

I like how my colleague says "he lovesss Starbucks" (with a smile) - You made my day.

Till then.

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